Brazil 1970 – Time when the football game took a transformation

It was Mexico 1970, Brazil, when the world witnessed the football achieving its height. This game was the first one in history, which got broadcasted among the world in color, and many football lovers enjoyed it sitting at their home. Brazil, at that time, beheld the influence of modernism.

Till the 1970s, the whole world comes to know about the modernization of Brazil. Brazil needed good teamwork, leadership, and tactics for completing the work. In 1950, there was an 18-year old soldier who took part in pre-game festivities. Mario Zagallo hence became a striking player and was part of continuous world championships.

Who can forget about Pele? He was the man who encouraged the players to work in a team and also became an important part of taking the team decisions and meetings. Pele was just 29 years at the time of Brazil 1970 football game. Obviously, the World Cup 1970 was very special for all the players because it was the first game to be played outside South America and Europe. In history, Brazil vs. England became the most-watched football game as around twenty-nine million people became witnesses of this game. An interesting thing also occurred in this match when someone has stolen all T-shirts of Pele as souvenirs. Brazil had impressively downfall the defending champion by 1-0. Along with Brazil’s football, the game was equally culmination of Pele’s own story.

Undoubtedly, Brazil 1970 World Cup was special because of various reasons such as record-breaking third title, winning the games, Pele becoming the only player who won three world championships, and qualifying fixtures.

For Brazil, it was not just football; it was the way of expressing their skills. With the introduction of modernism, Brazil steps forward with the movement of bringing rejuvenation. It was more than the natural reams along with far-reaching elaboration with a broad vision.

The beautiful football game becomes a connection between the countries having different cultures. We can say that Brazil 1970 is followed by a continuous ritual of growing and following the success while enjoying what this beautiful game can offer to both players and fans.



Paul Petersen