Corporate Team Building Events Foster Team Spirit and Company Loyalty

Variousindustries require their employees to work in warehouses or offices for most of the day, so its no wonder companies are finding it hard to keep good and enthusiastic staff! Many health risks are associated with working in these environments overprolonged periods, and absences and ill health can cost millions each year.Increasingly, businesses are being judged not only on performance, but also on the way they treat their workers – mental health in the workplace is becoming a growing concern.

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to keep workers motivated and happy, but how youdo this? By involving your employees in enjoyable outdoor team building activities they enjoy and experience as a group, you will promote greater collaboration and relationship building and help them to work better together in the workplace.


The connection between physical activity and productivity is well documented, and businesses see outstanding results when their employees participate in corporate team building events. Ultimate Bubble Soccer provides a variety of teamwork activities thatenableemployees to bond and learn to work together in a healthy environment.

Bubble Soccer, Foosball(Human bubble soccer),Soapy Soccer, Quidditch, Floorball and Beach Olympics all require players to work as a team while allocating responsibilities,planning tactics and watching out for each-other. This is similar to a productive workplace where employees are required to collaborate, strategise, and analyse outcomes.Team sports can equip employees with these skills and provide many other benefits.


Regular team sports keep employees more motivated, energetic, and job satisfied – theylook forward to their outdoor sessions with their colleagues. This helps to dissolve office cliques by encouraging people to work with colleagues from other departments, cultures or social circles and gives introverts a chance to shine.

Stress Reduction

Physical activity has long been recognised as an effective way to deal with stress, and exercise can give your employees an extra edge by helping them to stay calm in stressful situations and better problem solve on their feet. Staff who are in better mental and physical health are more productive, perform better, and are more engaged with the organisation they work for.

Our large scale, action-packed games are hugely competitive and foster cooperation and team spirit amongst players.Team building professionals from Ultimate Bubble Soccer will work with you to provide thrilling activities, engage your workforce and develop skills to integrate with their working performance. Most of all, your employees will have fun, and appreciate your investment in their well being.

Clare Louise