Cricket fever is here once again, this time virtually

Craze for cricket has been around for decades, the evolution of watching cricket has changed drastically, watching cricket is now more interactive and amusing as ever, cricket fans have new amenities and exciting news. Fans can now build their own team while watching a live match and earn rewards during the games, watching Cricket matches has its own perk now.

Now fans can have their own fantasy 11 for the match and can earn rewards post match depending on the player’s performance. The performance of the player can help you earn rewards. Watching Cricket is more engaging now than ever, fans can choose a captain and other players including batsman, bowlers, all-rounders, captain holds the most points. It’s a game of mind now and tests your sports knowledge. The best one earns the most.

Watching Cricket live is way more easier and convenient and mobile. Now we can watch cricket matches on the go and thus has changed the TRP of the matches to a major level, cricket match live can be viewed through your cell phone anytime anywhere, all you need is internet connection, watch your favourite cricket team play anywhere, get the latest updates on the go, staying up to date from player stats and match line up is hassle free.

Making your own virtual team from the real team is the most exciting and interactive game for grown ups, it tests your knowledge in and off game. Fantasy cricket allows you to build your team based on batting and bowling order. A small change in order can change the course of the game and help you score more points, fantasy league tournaments can help you be on the lead of the chart.

Watch cricket and other games like never before while building your own fantasy 11 team from the pool of the player playing the game on top of that there are no budget caps and player selection is not limited to the number of batsman, bowlers and all-rounders. So go ahead and build a team of all batsmen or all bowlers, make it the way you find convincing. If the players perform well you earn well. Who would have thought watching cricket match live will be this much fun and entertaining at the same time

Fantasy cricket is the new normal for all the cricket fans as we prefer staying home and watching cricket due to the limitation of number of fans allowed in the stadium, watching matches live from is more interactive and rewarding, challenging friends with same interest has changed to another level. Now we can know who’s the best of the best.

Watching cricket while testing your mere skills for the game is now a trend, Cricket matches have never been this engaging for the fans, adapting to this the fantasy cricket now also sponsors the matches and tournaments so that more people can get a hang of it and test their game knowledge.

Monica Caruso