Exercise Pants and Who Wears Them

Exercise pants are called many things depending on which website you are on. Some call them workout pants while others call them exercise pants or call them one thing for men and another thing for women. An example is a website that calls women’s exercise pants – tights or Capri.


But let’s be honest, exercise pants are pants used when exercising, no matter what they are called on the website you might be shopping on. And they come under different names for both men and women. So, before you buy, decide which exercise pants [กางเกงออกกำลังกาย, which are the term in Thai] makes you the most comfortable when exercising.

Types of exercise pants

Women have some types of exercise pants that men don’t have – tights and Capri. Capri pants are ones that are longer than shorts but not as long as trousers or pants. They usually come down to between the calf and the knee or ankle length.

Skin-tight pants

Tights are skin-tight pants – and there are tights for men. These are garments that covers the body from the waist to the ankle or foot with a fit that is tight. They come in opaque, sheer as well as a fishnet styles or a blending of these. There are also leggings which are a form of tights. Tights go back in history many centuries, when they were mostly used by men. Men who are acrobats and dancers currently wear something similar to tights.

For women

For women, tights or Capri pants can be found in many different designs and styles, but for men not so many.  This could be because men in gym sports are dressing for comfort and not good looks.  As the saying goes, women dress for each other, while men dress for themselves.

Danny White