Explore Calpe on a two-wheeler with bike hire services

Bike hire Calpe is affordable and convenient as a traveler need not spend a large sum of money to purchase a bike. Whether you are looking for a weekend cycling holidays in Calpe or want to spend a fortnight in Calpe, it is good to hire a bike and hit the pedals. Calpe has all the attractions like stunning mountain views, beautiful coastal roads and amazing climbs. From top of the mountain, you can catch the sea views and click awesome pictures. Besides the sea and the mountains, it is great to know that The Costa Blanca holds the title of being the healthiest places of the globe for several good reasons. Hence, it is best to take a DIY cycling holiday in Costa Blanca for you are sure to create lifetime memories.

Calpe, a beautiful and heavenly coastal resort close to Mallorca, experiences more than 320 bright and sunny days in a year. The situation is ideal for the yearning cyclists looking to explore the region. The climatic condition is perfect to suit everyone with not much rainfall. As the temperature during winters is not below 19 degrees Celsius, you may take a winter cycling holiday in Calpe. If you do not want to carry your own bike, you may rent a perfect bike from BERGANTY BIKES, the leading bike rental shop. It is important to make your bookings as early as possible and avoid the last minute rush.

Check out the places of attraction

There are several places of attraction in Calpe. From your place of accommodation, ride towards Coll de Rates, a famous climb of Costa Blanca. After this, ride to Cabo de la Nao, mesmerizing “Cape of the Ship”. In the meanwhile, do not forget to check Oliva and Bernia on the two-wheeler.

Besides being a fascinating place to explore, Calpe is also a hub of World Tour Cycling Teams where they carry on their training sessions. Last winter several teams stayed in Calpe including Quick-Step, Astana, Balise and many others. So, if you wish to cover the trails of the professionals, then you are to have a star-studded holiday here. There are luxurious hotels to provide comfortable and lavish accommodations at a rate which is reasonable.

If you are eyeing for the training camps, you will be delighted to learn that in Calpe there are bespoke training camps meant for both beginners and professionals. So, take a weekend break and escape to the mountains to experience the best. Both mechanical assistance and vehicular assistance are available to help the beginners and the pros. You will love the rolling roads moving as far as your eyes can see.

There are several cycling routes of varied gradients and difficulty levels. What you find here is well-maintained roads, stretching some hundreds of kilometers, while the terrains are magnificent too. For those who are professionals must try the challenging climb of Cumbre del Sol along with Coll de Rates and Aitana. The roads are flat and rolling for those leisurely rides. If you are looking for bike hire Mallorca, browse through the official link https://bergantibikes.com/en/bike-hire-mallorca.

Monica Caruso