Football and More for You Now

During the off-season, the coaching staff has particular hopes for the success of his scout in replenishing the game roster. It is this person who collects data about the potential player and is engaged in his recruitment for the team. Not only technical skills are taken into account, but also the level of health, and the disposition of the body to injuries. With the NBA중계 relay broadcast you can have a perfect taste for football.

The Teams

Even the teams that are at the bottom of the standings with no apparent chance of winning (an outsider) do not want to get a star that will fill up the infirmary after several matches. If we talk about the favorites who claim the highest places among the skilled teams (death group), then their interests are always aimed at the most gifted athletes, a professional is always distinguished by confident control of the ball during dribbling, instant processing of the ball during a canopy (cross), vision of the court for an accurate and timely pass and backache. In defense players, a special value is the ability to make a confident roll into the ball, which will not be followed by a yellow card penalty (mustard plaster). Sometimes there simply is no choice and to deprive the player of the opportunity to score a goal, the player is forced to commit a foul of last hope, which is punishable by a red card and removal from the field.

The Terms

These terms are enough for interesting watching football on TV with a commentator and friends. Even in front of the TV screen it is possible to create an interesting and unforgettable atmosphere. You just need the right attitude and some paraphernalia in the form of a scarf of your favorite team (rose). And if you still have questions, then at any game or personal training, our coach will be happy to answer all questions and explain in practice how to score a goal right in the nine. And useful information about football in our city can be found in an informative article.

The Referee

The referee of a football match is one of the most important participants in the game. His presence ensures compliance with existing game rules and regulations on the field. Surprisingly, initially such a participant in the battle was not provided. The players followed their own notions and fought like yard bully. At the time of the growth and emergence of the professional direction of this sport, the players began to think about the need for a football referee. 

The Captains

The captains of teams were offered the first to judge. But they just didn’t take into account that it is extremely difficult to combine the game and the control of one’s colleagues. Therefore, they decided to be replaced by an independent entity – “intermediaries”. There were two of them. Each tracked only its half of the site, which led to disputes and disagreements. Indeed, in addition to the bias of the assessment due to the lack of control over the whole process, these people had a completely different education and were doctors, teachers or lawyers. In 1863, the notion of a referee who makes the final decision was introduced in the event of a disagreement between two other judges. And only since 1891 the referee in football becomes close to the existing one at present.

Paul Watson