Hockey jerseys: Ain’t nothing like the real thing

Fans of the NHL know that nothing looks and feels the same as an authentic jersey of your favorite player from your favorite team. Authentic jerseys have the actual team patches, logos, names and numbers fully sewn on, just like the players wear. take this authenticity to the next level when fans are able to create a jersey with any name and number on them, allowing fans not only to have a one of a kind jersey, but to feel like they are more than just a fan, they are a part of the team. Custom hockey jerseys take you out of the stands and put you on the ice with your team. Add a captain’s “C” and get even closer to the action.

Whether you are looking for the latest top teams and players, or prefer a throwback jersey from a legend of the sport, having a jersey that fits and feels like the real thing is something that cannot be equaled. Being able to choose between home jerseys, away jerseys, and even All-Star jerseys, knowing that you’re wearing an officially licensed NHL product that matches the specifications of the real thing, is as good as it gets. Real fans know the difference between licensed jerseys and cheap lookalikes.

There are plenty of knock-off jerseys out there, with poor quality logos, names and numbers that are ironed-on rather than sewn. These bootlegs often lack the exact colors of the team and come in ill-fitting sizes. The overall quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship in which they are constructed make them stand out as cheap imitations, rather than proud representations of the team. These jerseys don’t look good and don’t last long. By purchasing an authentic NHL jersey, you are investing in a part of history that will last a lifetime, whether you are wearing it to the games or framing it on your wall.

Finding the perfect jersey does not have to be difficult. Decades of custom hockey jerseys are available online. Featuring rare and exclusive NHL, Olympic, and national team jerseys, all 100% officially licensed by the NHL with the look and feel of the real thing, there are thousands of options to choose from. Classic jerseys, even from teams that no longer exist, are available alongside all of your favorite current teams and players. You can even create your own custom hockey jerseys by adding your name and favorite number to the back so you can be right in the middle of the action when the puck drops.


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