How to start a fantasy football league

Football is a universal sport. Many around the world love watching football and follow famous football players. Due to this passion, football fans have made their own football game. One such game is the fantasy football league. Here anyone can manage their team, create their leagues, and win the fantasy football trophy.

Any regular football fans can easily play the fantasy football game. If you are interested, you could also hoist a fantasy football trophy. In this article, you can find help to start your fantasy football league to win the trophy.

Choosing a platform

For the first league, many players might want to play it on a free platform. There are many free platforms available for new players to play the fantasy football game. These free platforms will make it easy for you to track players and see team stats. However, the fantasy football game is more interesting if all the teams pay a small amount of entrée fee. The trophy winner gets all the money at the end of the game.

Invite friends

In the fantasy football league, more than two teams are required. Also, the game will be interesting if you invite your friends’ who love football. In the fantasy football game, you may need many players who will represent each team. Specifically, the game requires at least 6 to 8 teams. However, it is also important to choose an even number of teams.

You can make this a private game by only playing with friends or start a public game that includes your family members, co-workers, and neighbors. Apart from competition and statistics, this game should be about having fun together. Therefore, start playing with your favorite team to enjoy the game.

Create the rules

After creating a fantasy football team, you may need to create rules that every team should abide by. The commissioner or manager has the power to decide various drafting positions of the teams. The server or the commissioner can generate the drafting positions randomly.

Deciding the scoring system

There are three types of scoring systems available in the fantasy football game. The three systems are the standard scoring system, individual defensive player, and scoring per perception system. If you are starting the league, then the standard scoring system will be suitable. The basic score of the standard scoring system is as follows.

  • Six points for the touchdown
  • QBs passing: one point
  • RBS rushing: one point
  • Receivers: one point
  • Three points for Field goals
  • Free goals more than 5o yards: four points
  • Extra kick: one point
  • Extra run/or pass: two points

If the commissioner has the time, they can create an even more advanced scoring system for the game.

Make it interesting

The main purpose of this game is to have fun with friends. You can make this game even more fun by starting group chats to encourage all the team players. It makes the game even more realistic and fun. You can make the game thrilling by honoring the winners with fantasy football trophies, medals, and belts.


Not many get the opportunity to play professional football. But, through fantasy football leagues, hardened fans can enjoy and play football. If you are a good player, you can even receive the honorable fantasy football trophy.

Paul Watson