Perfect Expertise for the Database Management

Some experts of database management even advocate applying a 3-2-1 rule , according to which each organization:

  • should have at least three copies of their data at all times
  • hosted on at least two separate devices
  • At least one of which should be hosted away from its offices.

Even if you can only afford two copies, the cloud is an ideal platform for a secondary copy: you could keep in the cloud and thus remotely the data of which you already have a primary copy stored on a computer. There will be physical support in your premises. In case of 먹튀검증 this happens to be a very important deal.

Check that the backups are done correctly

In order to be effective, your backup policy must be monitored daily. You should be able to review a daily report of the tasks performed.

A good backup management tool will allow you to tailor the content and format of your reports to your needs. It will produce Dashboard type tables that will make it easier to monitor the performance indexes (KPIs) that you have set.

Make sure your data will be accessible when needed

It happens too often that a company realizes, when it needs it, that the copy of its data is not usable as it was expected.

The only way to avoid this drama is to periodically test your copies. These tests are used to verify that:

  • copy support and data format are always compatible with the systems you use
  • the physical medium, such as a magnetic tape, is always adequate, in good condition, and reads without problem
  • recovery is the level of service you expect under the service-level agreement
  • the time required to resume your activities does not exceed the expected time
  • A person should be designated to perform these regular tests.

Harmonize your processes and unify your backup solutions

These companies have the advantage of privileging solutions that allow saving the data of several environments. Thus, under Linux, there are solutions to save data processed by multiple hypervisors. There are also solutions for backing up data used by multiple cloud platforms offering software as a service (SaaS) such as Google Cloud, Office 365. In general, it is often easier to copy data from multiple environments to the cloud than to the same physical medium.

Entrust the backup processes to dedicated resources

Managing data backup is rarely the first ambition of IT professionals. This is not usually considered an exciting or rewarding job, rather a daunting task. So it’s easy to forget to make a backup copy, or leave that obligation aside for more pressing priorities – such as an IT project with a delivery date approaches.

In addition, when a company employs a chief security officer, backups may also be in a fuzzy area: are they the responsibility of the security department or the IT department?

That is why it is imperative to recognize the importance of safeguarding by clearly assigning responsibility to a person or a provider. Even if it’s not a full-time job, your organization needs to know who it can count on so that when the day comes, it can quickly recover the data it needs for its business.

Consider outsourcing the management of your backups

The company environments, whether these environments and backed up data are hosted by the enterprise, in the cloud or in hybrid mode (in the enterprise and in the cloud). Consult our specialized business continuity solutions.

The right division offers you to host your data and save it in the cloud. Its services assure you:

  • Robust cloud hosting in Tier 3 high security data centers
  • multi-environment solutions
  • backup management as part of the managed services

the commitment of a dedicated supplier to back up your data, with the support of Level 2+ technicians available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from a secure operations center.

Danny White