The Famous Air Jordan 3 at JD Sports

Nike Air Jordan 3 is one of the most famous sneakers in the world. This is the first pair of sneakers that had an air sole unit which was very much visible. In a very short span of their release, they were famous all around the world and were the top demanding sports footwear for men. This unique design was designed Tinker Hatfield which made it stand apart from the Aj1 and Aj2 series. If you are a fan of Air Jordan and know their true value, then head out to JD sports to get your hands on the Air Jordan 3 at an amazing price with the use of JD sports promo code.

The Game Changer

The Air Jordan series was also famous for the introduction of Michael Jordan collection’s new logo. The Aj1 and AJ2 had the wings logo to it, however, the three came with the jump man logo which made a permanent stay in the AJ series. This new design of the air sole and the jump man logo made it even more desirable by the men worldwide and everyone crave to get their hands on these. This design was the game-changer in the Michael Jordan footwear series and is still available at JD sports. Head out to the website and use the JD sports promo code to get these sneakers at a great value.


Air Jordan 3 was first introduced in the year 1994 to the public and then was redesigned and sold in the year 2001. Ever since then, this series has been the best-selling and are always in demand. You will always hear sports enthusiasts and Michael Jordan series collectors’ talk highly of this particular Air Jordan design. The JD sports still houses the air Jordan 3 series, and if you are a fan you can always get them at a great price with the use of JD sports promo code.


Air Jordan 3 comes in three colors which are white, fire red, and cement grey. They were redesigned with the colors and style in the year 2003 and have been very much appreciated by the fans and sports enthusiasts. Each style has been better than the previous, something which the brand Nike is famous for, keeping its consumer base intact and ever returning. The air sole is the pioneer of this design which makes the best-selling series at JD sports. You can use the JD sports promo code to get them at a reasonable price.

Nike always strives to provide their customers with the best, and of course, Michael Jordan, the star NBA player makes sure his fan and patrons get the best of his footwear collection which are not only comfortable to wear but are long-lasting and the perfect shoe to be worn when it comes to sports. Although many people who are fans, just purchase them for their casual wear rather than using them for sports. If you are an MJ fan and love sneakers, then having an Air Jordan 3 series is a must, you can purchase them at JD sports at a great price with the use of JD sports promo code.

Monica Caruso