Tips for Those who Want to Start Playing Basketball

There are guys out there who watch all the NBB and NBA games, cheering a lot for the heart team, but what they really want is to be on the court. Have you identified yourself?

Gold tips for beginners

If you need a little push to get started or you think it doesn’t work, the news is good: it is not necessary to have a specific skill to practice; after all, everything will be learned during training. 

To develop confidence and better understand what goes on the court, it is worth watching some videos of past games and keeping an eye on the players’ movements. Analyzing what each player tries to do when making a pass, a dribble and even his movement without the ball in his hands helps a lot to better understand the game.

Dedication is the key word for anyone who wants to do well in this sport. A tip is to try to practice outside normal training hours. It helps you learn the basics faster and improve execution.

Keeping an eye on the rules

It is worth doing a survey on rules; after all they are different in certain situations: there is the free throw, the 3 point line and the 2 point line, for example.

Later on, you can decide which position fits you best. The point guard is the guy who always takes the ball and organizes the play; the wings are the sides of the 3-point line and the pivots are usually the highest and are usually closer to the carboy, facilitating the finishing.

Basketball is top!

The basketball is a sport that involves a lot of body awareness as well as being responsible for bringing numerous benefits to athletes. Among the main ones are:

  • Develops coordination and improves the speed of arms and legs;
  • Ensures faster thinking;
  • For being an extremely intense game, improves breathing;
  • Develops peripheral vision and muscle strength;
  • Helps with range of motion and jumping, among others.

Check out more Basketball training tips in the videos provided by Europe Basketball Academy’ YouTube channel

Olympic Athlete Tip to Improve Ball Control

The first thing every beginner basketball player wants to do when he catches a ball is to shoot into the basket. But, in the reality of the court, before throwing it is necessary to master a more basic foundation: ball control. Two-time Olympic champion for the United States team, the Angel McCoughtry wing was notable for its skill with the ball. 

Angel’s first tip is on the basic principles of this foundation.

– Some essential points are: Keep your head up to see the defense and keep the ball low, so anyone can’t steal it – says the player.

To have good control of the ball, it is necessary to work daily with technical exercises. The goal is to have resourcefulness in both hands. Therefore, the ideal is to practice with two balls at the same time, one in each hand.

– I have to admit: my left hand is the weakest. So work hard on your weakest hand – warns McCoughtry.

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Danny White