To the days when cricket live matches were a huge event

Comfortable sitting. Check. Munchies. Check. Coke. Check. Star sports live. Check. Today all of this is cricket nostalgia. Speaking of which did you ever notice the transition of cricket coverage? Remember how you mostly had a bird-view vision of the stadium during a live match? Just the job of 3 cameras was in action for the live cricket shows back in the days. Right now any match has you as a viewer get a glimpse from 20 cameras. Out of which you get bird-view, close-ups, long visions, and more other shots.

Today the scenario is different. The checklist goes like this. Comfortable sitting. Check. Munchies. Check. Coke. Check. OTT platform. Check. Job hours. Check. Updates from cricket score app. Check.

Comparatively, the former checklist is the one that anyone of us would want to tap on. It’s more relaxing and stress-free. But keeping in mind how much we have tech-advanced, none of us would wish to dwell back in the past. Today you have numerous tools that keep you updated every now and then. Back in the days you just had to rely on a live TV platform or the sports news post the match. Now if you even doze off watching a match, your phone will get you updated with the cricket news by the time you wake up.

Watching cricket from neighbor’s TV in numerous gallis (narrow streets in India) is a background theme set when there was a big cricket match. In the midst of the exciting street commotion, a lot of fans were engrossed in the live commentary. During the non-twitters days, all you could rely on were commentators. They were a major affair to dwell your attention to. Not only did they update with live updates, but also a few interesting incidents from cricket history. Commentators are still madly listened to! They precisely were a cricket score app.

It’s a little different today. We have got numerous tech-based distractions, that might take our attention away from the star sports live channel we kept on. Everything has its pros and cons. Though the best distraction a cricket fan could have is a fantasy cricket game. These games or apps based on them, have us manage our own cricket team. With utmost cricket knowledge and excitement, a fan today can select their eleven players and win rewards accordingly.

Old times remain vivid and refreshing. Technology has helped us with a few recorded sources that speak out history spiritually. Today we no longer need to rely on a commentator’s radio interview. We are lucky to have videos, blogs, and podcasts that bring the old cricket days back in our minds and hearts.

To sum up, we are landing on a new checklist that goes like Comfortable sitting. Check. Munchies. Check. Coke. Check.OTT platform. Check. Job hours. Check. A fantasy cricket game. Check. Cricket nostalgia. Double-check.

Monica Caruso