Top 3 Reasons to Visit the CONIFA World Cup in 2020

The Confederation of International Football, CONIFA for short, will be hosting its fourth edition in Skopje, the capital city of North Macedonia for all the regions that are not certified by any mainstream association such as FIFA.

All the football nerds and enthusiasts it’s a double treat along with bannered world cups like FIFA. So, get yourself ready for another adrenaline rush and allow me to tell you why you should visit CONIFA.

New Players to Stans

Since this world is not so mainstream, you can get to see many new talents. This is a great opportunity to add a new jersey to your football collection. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Your support for out of the spotlight talent will do a lot of help for them. Recognition keeps the sports spirit entactin a player and despite some hardships, these players will give their best.

Boast your Geography

This world cup is also a great way to grab attention towards some of the world’s most unrecognized areas and would increase your knowledge of world geopolitics. It brings a first time experience for a lot of new cultures and societies. Tournaments like these are really helpful to grab the attention of the world so that they can be acknowledged. Any stateless person or unknows region requires a level of attention to get aid from the internationally established countries. The more viewers for this world cup, the more chances they have to get representation.

You can explore new geographical locations that might become your new holiday destination.

No Fake Show

CONIFA mainly focuses on the game and doesn’t have many distracting factors like boring opening shows or whatever. It’s more like binge-watching an entire football tournament. You won’t find unnecessary fan war or rage actions and could enjoy it with a sense of peace in mind.

If these are not good enough reasons for you to visit the upcoming world cup then I don’t know what else will help you make up your mind.

Just imagine this, a great head-to-head match, adrenaline pumping through your veins and excitement at its best, now that’s a good way to channelize your inner football spirit. All of this without physically draining yourself. Why not explore this unknown world of football? Let’s support football in a new spirit of geographical inclusiveness.

Shoot your goal!

Clare Louise

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