What Percentage Of Favourites Win Horse Races?

Betting on the favourites in a race isn’t a guarantee that the horse that will win. Statistics show that horse race favourites win their races just 30-35% of the time. That’s the strategy of favouriting a horse done the right way. There are a lot of ways to win a bet in a horse race. 

Get to know more some Moonee Valley tips on winning a bet by using the betting systems in horse racing. Sometimes, it’s been chosen as a favourite to place more bets on them.

Horse Racing Tips For Route & Sprint Races

Distance is a key factor in betting a specific horse to win it’s race. After you’ve come to know the running style of the horse and its preferred distance, it will help you visualize how the race will break down to the finish line. 

We refer to the different race distances as route races (over 1 mile) and sprint races (less than 1 mile). No surprise, but some horses prefer and are more capable to run at certain distances. 

Here are horse racing tips for route races: 

  • Do not bet on a horse that performs well in route races as a closer. They tend to perform the VERY poorly in sprint races, and will almost always be a bad bet. 
  • When a particular horse moves from a sprint race to a route he will perform better comparatively to one that moves from a route to a sprint race.

Easy Horse Racing Bets to Evaluate Horses Before You Bet

Horse race betting methods make it easier for you when it comes time to place a bet. All in all, there are three primary betting systems used. 


  • Fixed-odds betting system 


This is one of the most common systems in horse racing. When you place a bet using this system, you can proceed to stake a wager with a bookmaker. One of the benefits of fixed-odds betting is that you will usually come to know your potential payout before you place the bet.



  • Place, show, and across the board bets


Place bets are standard, but they are organized a little bit differently in some countries. With place, show, and across board bets, you can choose just one horse you place your bet in, and then you’ll win if that horse comes in either first or second place. With this betting system, you have more chances to win because of the two opportunities to be in the top spot instead of just one. 


  • Multiple Horse betting system


Another fun way to spice things up when betting on horse racing. Betting on multiple horses in the same race may be harder to secure the win, but the payouts are usually higher, such as with a trifecta. 

Meanwhile, you can also bet on numerous races. Betting on multiple races is quite appealing to many gamblers because they don’t cost as much, even when they get a higher payout. It is true that the higher the risk the higher the payout. It’ll take some time to master this system, as it is incredibly difficult to get master and apply because you are taking the risk in placing bets on multiple variables.

Paul Watson