Florida Gulf Coast Fishing: Mahi- Mahi

Mahi-mahi, a mahi-mahi fish, is the best for deep-sea fishing adventures. This species of fish is quite common off the Florida coast.

This article will explain how to reel in one of these acrobatic beasts.


The deep-sea fish Mahi-mahi, is a type of fish that lives in deep waters. They can reach 50 pounds when they are caught off the Florida Gulf Coast. However, they can be as small as 3 to 10 pounds.

Mahi grows up to 5 inches per month and is constantly hungry!

They can also be found living under floating structures, which is a highly migratory species.

These fish are quite common but few people have ever tried fishing for them.

The mahi–mahi is a member of the pelagic fish group. Their natural swimming patterns, which resemble dolphins, make them known as dolphin fish.


Because of our tropical climate, water temperature and abundance of food and bait for Mahi Mahi, they are quite common along the Florida coast during the summer months.

What does MAHI-MAHI look like?

Mahi, a deep-sea fish, can grow to up to six feet in length and can weigh between 30-50 pounds.

They are very visible and have vibrant green and blue colors.

They are vibrant in color with both blue and green scales.

What is it like to catch a MAHI-MAHI?

You need the right bait and gear to catch mahi mahi.

They are often found under floating debris and weed lines. Sometimes they can suddenly appear even though they are anchored.

Catching a mahi mahi is a spectacular feat of fishing and can be very difficult.


It is important to hire a captain who has experience in targeting Mahi Mahi and knows how to hook and trick these magnificent gamefish.

Combinations of fishing rod and reel

A fast-action rod can be used with an open-faced spinning reel.

Light spinning gear is better than heavy, stealthy gear.

Fishing Line

The bait should be strong enough to not break if the Mahi Mahi leaps after being hooked. It should also be stealthy enough that the Mahi Mahi will eat the bait.

A line that has a rating for deep-sea fishing should have a minimum weight between 20-30 lbs.

Bait and lures are required

You can use pilchards or sardines as bait. Also, lures such as spoons and plugs are great for luring mahi-mahi to eat what you have prepared.

It is vital to chumming the water while fishing for mahi. This will help keep the school of mahi afloat and increase your chances of catching more!

Reeling in a Mahi Mahi Mahi?

When your line is tight, and your rod tip starts pulling, slowly reel up while keeping pressure on the water until the line reaches the surface.

This giant beast is now ready to be brought in


A fishing charter is a great option if you have the means to afford it. They will provide all the equipment you need to catch these magnificent fish.

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