Football and the Ball Games With Rising Maturity

Football is a sport that is today characterized by its global reach and omnipresence in the media, especially television. This has not always been the case, and in some countries, for example the United States, it remains a minor sport. Let’s take a look at his story. We could compare football to possible ancestors. A French ball game like the soule is sometimes quoted. But this attempt at filiation is misleading.

The Ball Games

The soule, spread until the nineteenth century in Brittany and Picardy, is a popular game inseparable from rural society. Two camps clash. One cannot speak of teams, because the number of participants is random, as well as the limits of the ground. Organization and rules change from one place to another. We must imagine a great scrum, interspersed with chaotic races. Each side seeks to move the soule, sort of ball filled with hay, at the opponent, and this by all means. With the NBA중계  you can find the best choices now in live broadcasting of the same.

The Right Type

This type of play is part of the community life of a traditional society. They occur only at specific times in the religious calendar. Their origin is blurred. They are used to stage forms of fighting between local groups, to relieve tensions between residents of two neighboring villages, or between single and married men. Football does not go back to these village games, violent and tumultuous. On the contrary, sports in general introduce a break with these old practices.

  • Football was born in England in the middle of the 19th century. Ball games, which are not very fashionable, have been adopted by students in public schools. Under the influence of various factors came a codification of the rules which led in 1863 to the creation of the Football Association in London, which was distinctly different from rugby football a few years later. Clubs are created and touch little by little all circles. A significant number of teams are formed from parishes.

Little by little the football-association is spreading on the continent. An international federation was created at the beginning of the 20th century and in 1912 this new sport made its appearance at the Stockholm Olympic Games.

The Options in the Meantime

Meanwhile, the term “sport” does not mean the same thing at all. While in the middle of the 19th century it designated a worldly prerogative, it became more democratic as the social advances achieved by the workers’ movement allowed the working classes to access free time.

Last Words

These few elements too short do not understand the astonishing popularity of football and the prominent place it occupies today compared to other sports. It is certain that to be popular, a sport must be simple and present the spectator with direct confrontations, with numerous and visible exchanges. This is undoubtedly the case of football, which moreover, has symbolic dimensions that we will discuss later.

Danny White