The Impact Corona Virus Had on Series A

It is a well-known fact that Italy was the first affected country by the unwanted corona virus. The virus has gravely disturbed the whole nation in every aspect. One of the areas that was negatively affected was sports. Italy is well known globally for football games. The whole spectrum of football playing came to a standstill because of the deadly virus spreading all over the country and beyond. There were no more football games played in stadiums of Italy, breaking hearts of many football game lovers.

Websites like Livescorethai.Tv having innumerable viewers watching their live game telecast were crestfallen. They offered free football live game links that were played anywhere in the world. Mass of people used to ดูบอล games using the links on their PC, tablet or android phone.

The impact of COVID -19 on series A-

  • The market value of the teams fall-off – The closing of stadiums and stopping of matches to be played on March 2020 lead the teams to face huge loss in billions. The scenario changed in the month of September when the Series A teams market value started rising and even of the team players. Till October 2020 the market value of the teams fluctuated.
  • The ranking of different clubs – As SPI wasn’t in sure position to state the dates of the match to be played in near future. The indecision status impacted the rankings of the clubs.
  • Player transfers stopped – There weren’t any matches to be played, thus it had a straight impact on player transfers.
  • The fan followers of Series A were anxious and saddened – They didn’t know the exact date of the football games to commence again, thus felt worried.

All came back to normal when the matches started in the month of June. Many followers of Series A were able to watch the match through links like and enjoyed the lively matches to the fullest.

Clare Louise