What to do when you have kicker cards in your hands? Read to learn it all?

Flush poker

Using a kicker in flush poker is very easy. A kicker in poker is a card that is a part of the five-card poker hand combination. However, it is not used to form the hand. A kicker card in hand may be considered part of a two-card hand that both players can use. The kicker can be used to break ties and other things. For example, the farther the ranking is, the higher the rank of becoming better in poker.

According to the GetMega gaming app, there are many things that you can use the kicker cards in your hand. With this post, you will be able to know what you can do when you have kicker cards in your hands, so continue reading to find more information about this topic.

Below is how to do when you have kicker cards in hands:

To know what you can do with the kicker card in your hand in flush poker depends on the kind of cards combination you have in your hand. Now let look at different kinds of cards combination and kickers and how you can use them;

High Card

The high card combination in your hand gives both the player a pair and a better. Here all cards will be counted as a kicker. In a flush poker, you will be expected to take two hole cards, and the five communities can start with the highest-ranking one and compare it to your opponent while ignoring the weakest two cards.

One pair

On GetMega, with the one-pair combination in your hand, you will have to use the kicker when your second card is better than the one in your opponent and the remaining cards on the playboard. Therefore in this scenario, you will be able to kick your opponent out with a pair of aces with a king as the kicker or a pair of aces with a queen as the kicker.

Two pair

In flush poker, you can use a single kicker card with the two-pair card when you are not making two pairs with the hole cards. If both the players have the same pair, then the pot will have to be split. However, the winner can be determined by first determining the highest-ranked between the two players.

Three of kind

It works the same as the one pair. For example, if you have AAAK7 and your opponent has AAAQ7 on an AA752 board, you will have the best five cards against your opponent because the K♥ can play after three aces.

Four of a kind

A kicker will have to be played when you have four of a kind on the board. Here you will win because your Ace kicker can play after four Queens.

The importance of a kicker

The kicker is a necessary card, and it comes into play when you have a single pair of high cards. Remember that the best hand that you will get with the kicker is the AK if the other player has a king or an Ace in their hand. When this happens, you can kick off your opponent and increase your chance of winning or becoming the winner.

AK makes the top kicker and can be your best hand. Since most players use high–ranked high cards, you should avoid using weak kickers like A2 or A3. Being kicked out, just as in any sports game, is one of the big mistakes most poker players make. So it would be best if you watched out that you make careful consideration so that you can kick but not you being kicked out of the playing board.


In conclusion, the above information shows you how you can do with the kicker in flush poker if you have them in your hands. It is an important card that will assist you in winning the game. Remember, every card combination with a kicker can be used differently in the game so that you increase that chance of winning. Therefore whenever you have a kicker card in your hand, you will have to be careful and utilize it sufficiently to win the game. If you are interested in the game, you can find it on GetMega, where you can practice and play for real money.

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Paul Petersen