The Afcon Cup and the mighty winners

Algerian team might have won the Afcon Cup, yet it was a disgrace the way they won the game. Many critics went ahead and shared their share of what they saw in the match토토. The Algerian team is quite hard and is capable of winning. But the way it took help from the delaying tactics, feigning injuries and what not was absolutely a disgrace to watch.

An absolute disgrace to the game of football

The fans were left in shock and whoever watched the game, never praised the team for their efforts as it involved many odd instances that should not be there in the game in the first place. However, the team managed to win in the end.

Defeat of Senegal

They have also defeated Senegal in the group stages, so they had great knowledge regarding how to play against Senegal. They came with a full-fledged plan yet failed to showcase the beauty of the sports on the field. They went ahead and showcased a pretty aggressive behavior against the match official also. This step was not a treat to watch.

Always win like true champions

Despite a huge game being played, the Algerian team disappointed its fans big time. There are many sayings that winning alone is not important; the way you win it is more important. So, the Algerian team came across a lot of fire due to their behavior on the field.

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Not only the players but also the coach of the Algerian team, Baghdad Bounedjah did not leave any stone unturned in depicting a bad behavior on the field. He screamed at the referee.

Apart from that, there were a number of awful instances such as Amir Bensebaini tripped a Senegal forward.

To everyone, it looked very obvious that he was deliberate in this awful act. Not only this, SofianeFeghouli recovered instantly from the injury. Initially, he portrayed as if he has been dying from the injury but quickly recovered from it, leaving everyone in a surprise once again.

Teams should conduct themselves in the best manner

In this manner, it can be said that the Algerian team is full of excellence. They have got that energy that is needed to win big matches. The Algerian team can easily compete with any big team. However, if the behavior on the field is not favorable, then there is no justification for any win whatsoever.

Clare Louise