Tips for Choosing the Right Trophies and Awards


If you are searching for trophies and awards for the event in your organization, then we have discussed a few tips in this article that will help get the right one for the event and award winners. Whether it is an academic event, office event, or sports event, you need to ensure that you are opting for the best design to showcase; you may have more choices than you think, so take your time and choose the best-looking trophy and award.

Here are a few significant tips that will help choose the most desirable Trophy [ถ้วยรางวัล, which are the term in Thai] and award.

– Size of the Award or Trophy

 If you are presenting the trophy on the stage or podium, then you can go with a trophy that is big enough, to be seen by the audience as well. Consider the space of a room or a stage to choose the correct size so that it can be visible to the audience. Small trophies and awards can seem out of proportion for the bigger events.  

If you want to present a trophy or award in a small conference room or at the office, then choose the one that is a plaque or can be fit on employee’s desk or bookshelf. Bigger trophies for small events can look bulging and cumbersome. When looking for the right trophy size also consider the other factors like an engraving. 

– Shape

The shape also plays a significant role while presenting the trophy or award. Example: – Heart-shaped awards are the best suited for appreciating the volunteer. The star-shaped award is best suited for academic events. If you are confused which shape will best suit your occasion, then go with the square or triangle shaped trophy or award, because they will suit all types of events.

– Engraving

Engraving is one of the significant factors for choosing the trophy, choose the engraving font style simple so that it can be easily readable, if you are opting for the fancier font, then look for the sample trophies with the same font style to see whether it is suitable or not. Choose the bold engraving to make it look more noticeable.

Paul Petersen